Fruit Buffet & Durian Fiesta

Fruit Buffet

At FS Fruity Pte Ltd, we frequently host fruit buffets to promote our love for fruits, and also the healthy, constipation-free lifestyle that comes from having fruits as a major part of our diet.


The fruits that we source from all over the world arrives whole and uncut, and much of our own personal time and labour goes into their preparation steps, like washing, peeling and cutting up the fruits. 



We lay out fruits on neat trays and get them ready to let our customers pick and choose what they like.


We also serve fruit and yoghurt mixes in handy, portable cups. Just look under our product category of Cups.

Find the size you like!


We are usually modest people, but we are quite proud to note there is always a queue for our fruity hand outs.

(Might be because it's free, but this is why we love our Singaporeans)



Some water to go along with the fruits at the end of the event.

Without water, there will not be fruits.

Without fruits, there is no life.


Durian Fiesta


Here at FS Fruity Pte Ltd, we are proud to host our bi-annual "Durian Fiesta" event to uphold our company tradition of seasonal durian feasting.



We allow our favourite customers a taste of the freshest and best quality durian varieties, brought in from neighboring countries Malaysia and Thailand.


Durians are carefully selected and opened, and checked for the signs of consistency and superior taste, before being allowed to be served.


If any durian is found to be substandard, they are discarded, no questions asked.

Our in-house durian experts are strict in their quality checks, and we only sell the best of the best.


Seeing our customers happy and smiling, makes us glad to serve too. Don't mind the long queue ! 


The simple joys of life - sitting down together with friends, family, colleagues, and eating durians. 


Did you spot the "Ang Moh"? He definitely knows what the rest of the non-Asian world is missing out on. 


And at the end of the day, a nice cooling coconut drink to ensure our feasting guests don't get too heaty from eating all those durians. 


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